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The form of the foot in the pump, arched and tense - from the muscles on the foot just above where the toes slide into the shoe so snugly giving a peek of the toes cleavage, up the dramatic arch of the foot, to the heel of her foot that brings the eye to the floor and back up the leg to the buttocks - focuses attention on those sensual calves.

Royston watched from behind the blinds in his office, overlooking the main staircase in the center of the office where Grace was climbing with his cup of coffee.

Royston was her colleague from another department, and about five years older than she was. In days past when Grace wore what most professional young women would wear, she already got her fair share of attention from men in the office and envy from the women, as she had a slim figure, short cropped hair and exquisite make-up. Grace thought she was beautiful, as did all the men in the office as well. You didnt wear such things before Ming was obviously feeling a little distressed to be saying what she was, but Grace could tell that she was genuinely trying to help her, and she felt grateful. Not finding an immediate reply to Mings question, Grace walked out of the elevator with Ming, as the two of them made their way to the conference room where the sales meeting would be held. If she answered yes, that would raise more questions like why Royston wanted her to dress like a slut and why she needed to please him.

As Grace walked across the corridor today, she tried to appear nonchalant, ignoring the attention she was getting from all around. Then again, Mr Ko had the reputation of hiring beautiful women. Are you attending the sales meeting called by Royston? Walking alongside Grace, Ming said softly, Did Royston ask you to dress so sexily? No, no Grace replied I am dressing like that because I like to, she completed the sentence, and a few seconds after, the implications of what she just said sank into her.

The whole outfit made her out to be the office slut. This was the day when Royston first made her wear the six-inch heels, probably the most symbolic of her becoming the office slut ** 13 days ago: THE HEELS.

Carefully, she reached down, hooked her thumbs over the elastic band of her panties and tugged them down to her knees. Then using one hand she pulled the wet undergarment to her ankles and stepped out of them one foot at a time.

The obvious effect is to make the woman several inches taller, and her legs appear longer especially if she is wearing a short skirt.

Now Grace was not a very tall girl to begin with, so an extra six inches was a very noticeable increase of height for her.

She was getting quite a bit of attention from the usual morning crowd of people going to and fro the office pantry on the first floor.

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The heels were part of his plan for Graces training.Six pairs of male eyes watched her as she made her way slowly up the staircase to the upper floor, carrying the coffee.

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