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26-Feb-2018 21:05

And people can be pretty horrid when they learn someone is involved in sex work. There are some lines of work where I’d say you absolutely shouldn’t risk it unless you were willing to lose your career over it.

If one of you were a teacher, for example, I’d tell you not to even consider it. If you’re working with kids, that’s in the “don’t risk it” category; people really, really don’t like that combination.

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) And do you have a sense of how much money you might be able to make doing it (since that plays into risk vs. I could ask for them to take it down, but I don’t know if they would comply; their privacy info on the website is vague.lol, we could probably use bandit disguises but I don’t think that would help with long-term tips/landing fans who will follow us; we are an interracial couple and I have tattoos so that might hurt us; I’m a black woman and I do look different in wigs but probably not THAT different.

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Someone who knows one of you professionally could see it before you have it taken down (or you might never know it’s posted since you can’t check all possible places it could turn up).Very cute middle-aged cougar taking her sexy dress off, moving panties down and showing her very wet pink pussy close up…

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