Dating a man who pays child support

04-Jul-2018 06:55

Deciding how to split the bills in the new household was another conundrum. Blended and step-families have grown by fifty per cent over the last ten years, according to Gayle Westcott, psychologist and senior manager of client services at Relationships Australia.

They now represent ten per cent of all coupled families with children in Australia. Should a new partner help support you and your children?

You’ll need to choose beneficiaries for everything from insurance policies to retirement plans. Do you want to be the ones to make health care decisions for each other if you should become incapacitated?

Living together can be an exciting step in any relationship, but follow these steps to protect your finances first.

Societal and personal views of motherhood and gender-based roles also play a part, as do the needs of children and the extent of support from natural fathers.

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It may be OK if one person pays the rent while the other person pays the electric, cable and water bills…as long as you track how much each partner is contributing and figure out a way to reconcile it.If you don’t, without the legal protection of marriage, you’ll be on your own in more ways than one if things don’t work out.

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